Spectrums Gallery

Please click on the satellite orbital position below for its corresponding Spectrums. These pictures were taken on 9/15/2023. The transition to new post-5G frequencies is pretty much completed now so these spectrums are fairly stable.. I didn't get the Mexican or Canadian birds this time. The C-band LNBs have "blue" filters (4000-4200 Mhz) Span is set to 500 Mhz which is 50 per division. Images are centered on 3985 Mhz Cband with a marker at 4000. Cutoff from the filters is pretty sharp there, going from full pass to full block between those 2 frequenceies. A little bit of 5G noise can be seen getting through at about 3900 Mhz at this site but it isn't bad enough to hurt anything. Ignore frequencies on Ku band pictures. I didn't change the spectrum analyser settings for those. Note that on C-band, the spectrum is reversed so downlink frequency gets lower to the right.