Spectrums Gallery

Please click on the satellite orbital position below for its corresponding Spectrums. Unfortunately these are a bit out of date, having been taken prior to the massive changes resulting fromthe 5G C-band transistion. These images are from a PROMAX HD Ranger spectrum analyser, and were taken using a 3.7 meter dish in Austin Texas in May of 2022. Signal levels, especially on the Mexican and Canadian satellites may be different in your part of the country. The C-band LNBs have Red filters (3820-4200 Mhz) Span is set to 600 Mhz which is 60 per division. Image is centered at 3935 Mhz (1215 L-band) and filter cutoff can be seen 2 divisions or 120 Mhz to the right of center. Note that on C-band, the spectrum is reversed so downlink frequency gets lower to the right.